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The second report of the Associated Press on Zhou Jianghua:



The Theory Of Black Holes Creating Stars In The New Theoretical System Of Physics In The 21St Century Has Been Confirmed

March 11, 2022

03/10/2022, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Scientists have observed for the first time that stars were originally born from black holes!

Where are fixed star born? Existing stars, born billions of years ago, cannot be observed by humans. Now, however, scientists have observed newly born stars. It turned out that it was conceived from a black hole.

Recently, NASA’s Hubble Telescope captured the “nursery” of newborn stars. These newborn stars are connected to the black holes of nearby galaxies through “umbilical cords”. It’s amazing, this cosmic mystery is slowly unraveling.

This major observation is completely consistent with the theoretical content reported in the “British Journal of physics” on September 8, 2021, the new theory of “black hole” creating “Stars” has been verified. See news report released by the “Associated Press” on November 3, 2021(see attachment link):

New Theoretical System Of Physics In The 21St Century:The Study Reveals The Origin Of The Formation Of The Four Spiral Arm Bands Of The Milky Way

----Founder : Zhou Jianghua

8.1 Reasons for the existence of supermassive black holes in the universe (note: excerpt 8.1 is omitted before. full text,see attachment link)

According to the new understanding of “material light state” in the previous section, understanding that “the state of matter light” is the physical state of the big bang of stars, because black holes are composed of “single entity”. Although it is not the “solid” atomic physical state of matter, it is a more stable physical state than the “solid” atomic physical state. This physical state can not directly form the “material light state”, and there will not be the problem of big bang disintegration caused by the “stellar” phase becoming the “material light state”. Therefore, the mass of the “black hole entity Star ball” can be infinitely increased, This leads to the phenomenon of supermassive “black hole entity Star ball” in the universe.

8.2 The reason why the galaxy “black hole entity Star ball” has strong cohesive gravity

According to the new theoretical system of physics in the 21st century, matter is the product of the combination of “entity” and “heat energy”. “Entity” and “heat energy” have the natural attributes of mutual combination. Therefore, the “black hole entity Star ball” composed of “single entity” has a strong “thermal energy” absorption characteristics. Since the composition of Substance “Star ball” contains thermal energy, the super-large “black hole entity Star ball” located at the center of the galaxy forms the Milky Way by absorbing the thermal energy in the space of the super-large system of the It forms a centripetal cohesive attraction to all Substance “Star ball” in the Milky Way galaxy.

8.3 The mechanism of “black hole entity Star ball” in the center of the galaxy releasing “star” containing thermal energy

This paper argues that if the black hole “single entity” only has a strong heat-absorbing gravity, then all the stars in the galaxy, including our Earth, have long been swallowed by the “black hole entity Star ball” . Therefore, this paper holds that black holes also have a mechanism to release heat energy. Black holes consist of “single entities” that have no protons and Therefore, it is impossible to release electromagnetic radiation heat energy through protons (See the reveal of the reasons for the formation of atoms in this theory). Therefore, this paper believes that the release of thermal energy from “black hole entity stars” is accomplished by releasing “material stars” containing thermal energy. Therefore, various “matter stars” containing thermal energy are released from the outer surface of the “black hole entity Star ball”, so that the “black hole entity Star ball” maintains a balance between the entry and release of thermal energy.

8.4 Each spiral arm of the galaxy is formed by “black hole entity Star ball” continuously releasing all kinds of “Star ball” along this path

Because “black hole entity Star ball” is composed of “single entity”, it has a strong ability to absorb heat. When a large amount of heat energy enters the “single entity” of the “black hole entity Star ball”, the “matter” with atomic structural force will appear on the outer surface ,See the reasons for the formation of atoms revealed by this theory, This will turn the outer surface of the “black hole entity Star ball” into solid matter, Because the “black hole entity Star ball” is a “single entity” without kinetic energy. When a large number of material bodies with kinetic energy and thermal energy appear on the outer surface, According to the new theory, Star ball Between (between matter bodies) follow the “law of equilibrium spacing between gravity and repulsion”, “Black hole Star ball” repels the stars attached to the outer surface, making it a “material nova” for the birth. The “entity mass” escaping from the outer surface of the “black hole entity Star ball” is related to the amount of “matter” produced by the heat energy absorbed by the “black hole entity Star ball” from the universe. Therefore, according to the size of escape mass, “black hole entity Star ball” give birth to the phenomenon of stars, planets, asteroids, comets and All kinds of “matter star” phenomenon. Because there are many new born “star” near the “black hole entity Star ball”, So the density of “stars” near the center of the Milky way is very high.

Every body of matter that has just separated from the surface of the “black hole entity Star ball” is a new star. Due to the existence of the “law of gravitational repulsion balance distance” among the born stars (see the “law of equilibrium distance between star balls” revealed by the author’s theory), One star pushes another star, Each star leads its own star cluster (“Cluster” refers to all “star ball” that escape at the same time,, including a star leading planets, asteroids, comets and other various material “star ball”). star one by one and continuously separates from the outer wall of the “black hole entity Star ball”, one after another, which forms the effect of the giant galactic spiral arm belt. The four giant spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy (See Figure) are the paths of stars separated from the surface of the “black hole entity Star ball” in sequence, one following the other. That is to say, the spiral arm band is in the order of launching from the “black hole entity Star ball” parent star, One fixed star pushes another fixed star, so the effect of the giant spiral arm band is formed. All “stars” on the spiral arm belt follow the law of gravitational repulsion equilibrium spacing, and revolve around the “black hole entity Star ball”, Thus, a spectacular spiral arm structure of the Milky Way galaxy is formed.


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