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AP's report on Zhou Jianghua (Part 3): The birth of a new theory will usher in a new era of interste



10/13/2022, Qinhuangdao City // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Scientists found for the first time through experiments that there is a repulsive force of electromagnetic confrontation between the “electric field generated by the high-voltage discharge body” and the “electric field generated by the earth”, which makes the high-voltage discharge body produce a “soaring” phenomenon; The discovery of this important experimental phenomenon is of great significance to the research of “discharge flying saucer”!

The research was completed by Zhou Jianghua, a scholar, and the related achievements were published on IEEE of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on October 4, 2022, the paper title was: “The Birth of a New Theoretical System of Physics in the 21st Century Will Usher in a New Era of Interstellar Space Flying Saucer Research”.

According to the author’s introduction, this newly published paper and the author’s papers entitled “New theoretical system of physics in the 21st century” and “The challenge of the new theoretical system of physics in the 21st century to the popular views of physics in the world” published on the UK IOP “Journal of Physics: Conference Series” in 2020-2021; These three papers have formed the concept of “a new theoretical system of physics in the 21st century” and opened up a new vision for human beings to pursue the truth of natural science!

The origin of the idea of “a new theoretical system of physics in the 21st century” is based on the view of “Professor E. Edlund, physicist of the Swedish Academy of Sciences” on the causes of “positive and negative charges” and the mutual transformation of “positive and negative charges”; The author puts forward a new understanding, and puts forward a new understanding of the “particle charge dynamic atomic model”, revealing the reason for the formation of atoms! It is clarified that the earth material composed of atoms has the characteristics of emitting high-voltage electric energy through protons in atoms, thus forming a new epistemology of the earth’s “emission electric field”. A new understanding of the essence of universal gravitation and universal repulsion between material bodies is put forward, that is, the heat absorption ability between material bodies constitutes “universal gravitation”, and the electromagnetic force emitted between material bodies constitutes “universal repulsion”; A new understanding of “the law of the equilibrium distance between attractive and repulsive forces between material bodies (star ball、atoms)” is proposed, and it is proposed that the orbits of all “star ball” in the universe are “real-time” paths reflecting the motion tracks of related “star ball” “following the law of the equilibrium distance between attractive and repulsive forces”. Other new “Thought” deas of the author see news report released by the “Associated Press” on March 11, 2022(see attachment link)!

In the new paper, the author puts forward the “universal repulsive force law” between substance bodies due to the repulsive force generated by the electromagnetic energy emitted by materials against each other; The formula is: F=Q U/R. Through experiments, the author found that there was repulsive force between “electric field generated by high-voltage discharge body” and “electric field generated by the earth” due to the confrontation of electromagnetic energy emitted, which caused the “flying saucer” of high-voltage discharge body to produce the phenomenon of “soaring”. The author discusses the relationship between Star ball in the universe from a new perspective of “the law of the equilibrium distance between the attractive and repulsive forces among Star ball”; This paper expounds that “electric discharge flying saucer” is equivalent to a planet, and uses the relationship between “flying saucer planet” and the gravitational and repulsive forces between planets to realize the cruise of “flying saucer planet” among the planets in the future; The reasons why the “Discharged Flying saucer” has the following characteristics when flying in the geomagnetic field are emphatically explained: the flying saucer uses the electromagnetic force generated by the high-voltage discharge function of the “shell” to produce a vacuum effect outside the “flying saucer shell”, which can further realize the functions of high-speed flight, immediate change of direction, hovering at any height on the earth, and no sound when flying; On this basis, the author puts forward the research and development plan of “space flying saucer” interstellar cruise!

In this study, the author proposed that the powerful high-voltage discharge function of the flying saucer is the key to realize the powerful lift and high-speed flight force of the flying saucer; The author has successfully designed the development plan of the high power high-voltage discharge release function of “Space Flying saucer” from hundreds of thousands to millions of volts; Once the research results are put into practice, the practical application of electric discharge flying saucers will become possible! With regard to the space “independent discharge body” flying saucer, how does the author realize the monopole anode discharging into space to generate discharge flying force; And how to realize the “lifting force” and “lateral flight force” by using the electromagnetic force from “discharge flying saucer” and the electromagnetic force from the planet, which are described in detail in the paper entitled “Development Plan of Human Flying saucer in the 21st Century” published by the author.

In the newly published paper of IEEE, the author elaborated the scientific significance of the new theoretical system: accelerating the research process of “space flying saucers” can realize convenient interstellar cruise, accelerate the transition of mankind from the “Earth Civilization Age” to the “Cosmic Civilization Age”, and thus change the fate of human self destruction due to large-scale nuclear war! In order to avoid the catastrophe of mankind caused by the outbreak of large-scale nuclear war, it is urgent to develop “space flying saucer” in today’s world! With the birth of the “new theoretical system of physics in the 21st century” advocated by the author, a new era of interstellar “space flying saucer” research will be ushered in!

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