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AP News 4:Changing planetary orbits is a dangerous action that endangers human, animal and plant lif



Changing planetary orbits is a dangerous action that endangers human, animal and plant life



10/17/2022, Qinhuangdao City, China // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

NASA announced on October 11, 2022 that the world’s first spacecraft successfully hit the target asteroid at 19:14 on September 26, 2022, causing it to deviate from its original orbit, this behavior is extremely dangerous.

The reason for the danger is stated in the paper entitled “The Birth of a New Theoretical System of Physics in the 21st Century Will Usher in a New Era of Interstellar Space Flying Saucer Research” published by scholar Zhou Jianghua on the IEEE of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on October 4, 2022. In this paper, the author emphasizes that there is “emission electric field” between “Star ball” in the universe to form “universal repulsion”, and “heat absorption capacity” to form “universal gravitation”. All the “Star ball” in the universe follow the law of near repulsion and the law of far gravity, that is, the law of balance distance between gravity and repulsion; So as to determine the dynamic balance position of each “star ball” in the space, thus forming the balance state of each “star ball” in the whole universe. The orbits of all “Star ball” and “Star ball” in the universe are “real-time”, reflecting the attractive and repulsive relationship between each “star” and related “stars”. When moving between “Star ball”, follow the “law of suction repulsion balance distance”; Their running path reflects the moving path of “following the law of balanced distance between attraction and repulsion” in real time;For the revelation of the relationship between Universal gravitation and repulsion among various “star ball” in the universe, see the link.

Each nearby Star ball in the universe affects the orbit of each other! The artificial change of the orbit of the nearby Star ball will affect the orbit of the earth itself, and the “tens of degrees” difference temperature difference formed by the earth in hundreds of millions of years of space and time will also change, the distance between the earth and the sun will determine the temperature change of the earth; When the earth is close to the sun’s orbit, its temperature will rise, while the earth is far away from the sun’s orbit, its temperature will decrease. The Chinese ancients thought that comet “broom Star ball” was an unlucky Star ball, which was very reasonable! Because comets near the Earth will have an impact on the Earth’s orbit! Therefore, the Earth’s environment will change abnormally, which is the reason why more natural disasters will occur when comets affect the Earth’s orbit! Therefore, humans cannot arbitrarily attack planets that do not pose a threat to the Earth to change their orbits, because changing the orbit of a nearby planet will cause the problem of changing the orbit of the earth itself! This will have the same consequences as when a comet approaches the Earth! The only difference is that the comet’s impact on the Earth’s orbit is temporary, when the comet disappears, the Earth will return to its original orbit. The orbit change caused by the human attack on the asteroid will change the Earth’s orbit forever! Such wrong behavior will destroy mankind itself! Although the “micro planets” that humans attack for the first time are not enough to shake the orbit that affects the Earth’s movement, this ignorance of the initiative to attack the orbit of extraterrestrial planets is very terrible. If the attack on extraterrestrial planets continues unchecked, such as using nuclear bombs to change the orbits of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in space at will, Our earth will also change its own orbit. Assuming that the earth orbit is close to the orbit of the solar space, when the earth surface temperature rises to 100 degrees Celsius, our human beings will not be able to survive in the earth home; If we humans continue to attack the planets outside the earth at will and change their orbits; If this behavior develops at will, it will destroy our human beings!

According to the “Law of the Balance Distance of Attraction and Repulsion Forces between Planets” published by the author, no major planet will hit the Earth! For example, the moon will never hit the earth, and planets larger than the moon will never hit the earth; Only “limited mass” Star ball can be captured by the earth’s gravity and hit the earth! The “finite mass” of asteroid impact on the earth can be calculated according to the “Law of the Balance Distance of Attraction and Repulsion Forces between Planets” published by the author and the calculation formula of electromagnetic force emitted by Star ball; In addition, the atmospheric friction combustion makes the impact of meteorites that can fall to the surface of the earth limited! According to the above understanding; The author believes that this behavior of randomly changing the orbit of extraterrestrial planets will destroy our human beings if it continues to develop! Changing the orbit of a planet is a dangerous behavior that endangers human, animal and plant life! Only meteorites that cause major disasters to the earth can we intervene artificially!

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